Buying A Holiday Home

If you and your family are considering purchasing your own static caravan for either holidaying or using as a permanent living space then there are some considerations you need to address beforehand.

You must first determine the requirements that will best accommodate both you and your family, and this point is more pertinent if you have a large family unit.

Static caravans come in various shapes and sizes.

With a little bit of research you will be able to find one that offers you and your family all the accommodation space you need.

However bear in mind a static caravan cannot replace a conventional home in terms of space.  

When deciding on your static caravan also discuss with your partner any future family plans.

The last thing you want to do is purchase a static caravan that won’t accommodate any future additions you have to your family.

So look ahead as it could save you a fortune in having to sell and upgrade, if or when you decide to have children.

You’ll find that there are a wide variety of different static caravans available on the market either brand new or pre-owned.

The accommodation sizes can also vary from very small up to more gargantuan static caravans with eight or more berths.

Your first port of call in trying to purchase a static caravan should be with your desired caravan park.

Location will be important, so make sure it’s in an area that you like. If you haven’t visited the intended area before, it would be a wise to stay in the area before deciding to make an offer for a static caravan.

There are many caravan parks located all over the United Kingdom with some offering some of the most picturesque landscapes the British Isles have to offer.

As well as wanting a site that has that picture postcard feel to it, with a wonderful landscape to gaze upon, the facilities the area has to offer should also be checked.

No two caravan parks are alike and whilst some offer access to a wide range of entertainment locations others are sorely lacking.

Again it comes down the preferences of what you need, do you require a quiet and tranquil location or do you want access to swimming pools, arcades, pubs, clubs, restaurants and bars.

Safety should be a major deciding factor in where you choose to ultimately locate to, with burglaries a common concern for caravan parks so do research first.

Your final check for purchasing a static caravan will come down to the fees and price of the caravan.

Ensure that you know what the yearly site fees payable on a caravan site will be and note they won’t include the charges for gas or electricity you use.

Speak to the caravan park’s sales representative to find out prices for new and pre-owned static caravans.

Arrange a time for when you can view the site and the caravans available before making a choice. Take your family along with you to view it so you can see if the space will work for you and your family.