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Caravans of the Future – 6 Incredible High-Tech Mobile Homes

Mobile homes could be a dream for people who need to have a place to lay their heads while growing their means.

However, they are also attractive to people who love to just tour and experience mobile homes in the process.

Houses delivered on wheels can be exciting but even more automatic features that technology offers can make it worth considering.

See these 6 high-tech mobile homes that will blow your mind:

1) Concept Marco Polo

The sleekness of the interiors of mobile homes makes it special compared to materials used in regular homes.

For efficient energy requirements, the materials need not be heavy metals or massive wood.


“Hey Mercedes” to activate the voice recognition system!

Voice command prompts to call the automated systems into action.

Campers may give commands for going to bed, pooping, changing the ambient light and whatnot.

There is a cool feature for achieving a tinting effect on the window automatically as well so that there is no need for using a curtain for shading. This feature is also used in building high-end mobile and web application, according to Techsuite.

2) Sky TI Platinum Selection

The Sky TI Platinum Selection is a complete package coming from KNAUS. They are a well-known brand in motor houses.

You have inside your living room, bed for the family, kitchen and the restroom.

LED daytime running light designed to be smart and responds based on thermal sensing.

Truma iNet-System: Control your Truma appliances which include your air conditioning and heating system with an SMS or Bluetooth when close enough to the appliances.

You can also control your iNet videos or media systems remotely too.

Rear View Camera and Navigation

3) The Caraviso

The new Caraviso design by the German company is a top futuristic show of what your caravan would be.

The caravan as presented via YouTube shows a study, with the presenter controlling the lighting with a tablet.

The ambient lighting is quite a beauty and the view is cool as well. Basic appliances, heating control are part of the system too.

There is enough technology to control with your smartphones and biometric access as well at £500,000.

4) Elysium

Elysium is a concept by Furrion, the design is what could be one of the coolest motor houses for outdoor entertainment.

The camper van stands at about 20ft high and would take up a ground space of 45ft by 8ft.

This concept promises a two-seater Tobinson R22 helicopter landing pad, everything you need to be entertained from, hot tub at the rooftop, widescreen TVs, smart toilets and a bathroom with a steam bath.

The Elysium is estimated to come to life at around 2 million GBP. At this price, you should be able to control the appliances in the Elysium in your mind!

5) Concept Sprinter F-Cell

Homes and auto need so much energy which makes this Concept Sprinter F-Cell a potential darling because of its power promise.

The caravan will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells with added battery to power the hybrid fuel-electric vehicle.

Imagine all your appliances powered by the noiseless fuel cell that will give off water instead of pollutants. This high-tech caravan can also be used as an electricity generator to power your home outside the van’s home!

More information can be found here.

6) Aurora

A Canadian firm, Zero Squared designed what they called the Aurora.

It is supposed to be a tiny home that can be expanded or made compact with a control system.

Below is how the interior could look like at around £60,000.

The concept of this van house promises that it can be expanded from around 8.5ft to 15 ft wide. Where space can be a challenge you can go low but spread when you find space. How cool!


Caravans may be out of fashion but new technology will likely emerge and revolutionize how we view mobile homes.

The cost of materials and production may hinder making more marketable caravans. However, it is possible that can change with new tech.